1. Hispanic Feeling
"A passionate mediterranean woman can't help it.." The poem was written on the floor of an airport just as the airplane prepared for take off.

2. Break me Down
My first 'commission': "write a song with these chords" and i did, melody and lyrics, all gel with heart felt experiences that repeat themselves again and again.

3. Gypsy's Lament
Based on a poem by an anonymous writer. Written the day before leaving to India.

4. Flying Van
Hippies, sex, drugs, rock and roll (the Floyd to be exact) on a Van hovering in circles through London . This was my Van experience, what was yours?

5. Growing Wings
"Why are we never taught to fly?" Here's to unconditional love.

6. Lover's Lament
Lust. Nothing to lament just to take responsibility for.

7. Wish it Were Me
Written upon my return from LA experiences.

8. Lemon Tree
Girl meets Boy = crazy night in the suburbs of LA. Music, White Smoke, Hollywood Hills, Jeff Buckley and a Lemon Tree outside his door.

9. For Free
Philosophising patterns of behaviour.

10. Foreign to Myself
Vintage work. Written before i could play guitar. Here is to belonging.

11. Mr Player
Ultimate vintage - first song i wrote, on the black keys of a piano. A love letter to all men, suites, childhood idols, wives, and all entities who messed up our lives.

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